The Unicorn
The Unicorn
The Unicorn
The Unicorn

The Unicorn

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The Unicorn is the perfect entry level board for getting in the water and having some fun.

This board was purely designed to be the first board you should ever ride when starting out and will get you hooked on surfing and enjoying your time in the water. The board is designed with lots of float so you will have plenty of balance to shred the waves and pull off some stylish turns. Being a softboard, the risk of injury is decreased from impacts as the foam will soften the impact if you so happen to bump into it. You can also ride Spindrift Softboards in between the flags to avoid rips and other dangerous water hazards, unlike a fibreglass board. The board also comes equipped with a detachable hi-performance soft fin system, which allows you to quickly install and remove fins for storage or progression.

Size: 5’3” x 19 7/8” x 2 3/4” 37L


  • Perfect entry level board
  • Safer than a fibreglass board
  • Heaps of float to help catch waves easily
  • Cool graphic slick bottom
  • Hi-Performance fin system with performance soft fins
  • Designed in Australia