'HOW TO' Guide

Getting in the water and having fun is now even easier with Spindrift Softboards.

Once you have purchased your board from Spindrift, the first step is to unwrap that glorious foam sled, attach the free leg rope we threw in, screw in the fins and wax it up like a pro for your first session in the water.
  • First things first, let’s get the fins in the board. To start off you will have to flip the board over, so the bottom is face up.
  • Take your fin key and place it in the tiny holes on the fin boxes and unscrew the tiny little screws (grub screws) out far enough that the fin will be able to slide all the way into the fin box.
  • To make sure the right fins goes in the right spot, you should take the middle fin (the fin that has both faces of each side curved) and slide it into the fin box nose first.
  • Once you have slid it in and pushed it down you can now tighten up the screws in the hole.
  • Next take the left & right fins and make sure the flat sides are facing inside on each of the fins. Repeat the same steps as the middle fin and tighten.


Next comes the leg rope. Attaching the leg rope is simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. Use the tiny piece of cord that is mounted from the tail plug and loop the small end of the leg rope through and fold the velcro over back onto itself. With this secure, you now are almost ready to hit the waves.

Now hold up. Before you get too keen and let the kids head out into the water and start questioning how on earth do surfers stay on these things! You have to wax it for grip!

  • Pick up some surfboard wax at your nearest local surf store or online.
  • Start by outlining the top of the deck of your surfboard using the edge of the wax (about 5cm in from both sides from the tail up to the Spindrift logo).
  • Picture the wax as a crayon and after you have done your outline, you want to draw lines diagonally from one side to the other about 5cm apart.
  • Once you have covered the whole inside of the outline, now go back the opposite direction so it ends up as an evenly criss-crossed pattern on the deck.
  • Now, it is looking much better, but it’s not done just yet! To finish it off you have to take the wax and hold it on an angle, so you only use the edge of the wax without applying too much pressure and go over the whole criss-crossed section in CD size circles. With the light pressure applied, the wax will build up over the criss-crossed lines and create a good grip on the deck of the board for when you’re out in the water.


Now that the board is all set up and ready to go, grab the fam, pack the car and head on down to your nearest beach for a day full of family fun and great memories.

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