Board Care Guide

    • As a general tip, whether you own a softboard or fibreglass surfboard, storing it out of direct sunlight and heat is going to help prolong its condition and life. Our boards love being stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight or heat. And just like other boards, don’t want to be left in the car for extended periods of time. We recommend covering it up with a board bag or board sock.
    • Any damage caused by excessive sunlight or heat exposure due to neglect is NOT covered under warranty.
    • Whether you are in the water or out, impacts may damage your board. If any damage is caused by impacts, it is NOT covered under warranty.
    • After you have finished your fun with your board make sure you give it a nice rinse with fresh water. Wipe it clean and then give it a dry before storing it in the board bag or board sock.
    • This board is NOT meant for use as a lifesaving device nor meant for use as a rental or surf school board. Do NOT use the surfboard if you are not a good swimmer or anywhere dangerous as rip tides or currents may be present, do NOT paddle or surf alone. Adult supervision is STRONGLY recommended when using our surfboards.
    • We recommended that the top (deck) of the board is waxed for grip. You can purchase this at your local surf shop. If your deck becomes slippery, just re-apply another layer of wax.