About Us

Spindrift Softboards is a fun, beach loving brand created to bring the whole family together and influence kids to enjoy their time in the water!
Based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, we know how much the ocean has been part of our lives when growing up. We also know how much more fun can be had at the beach with the right equipment! Spindrift Softboards was born out of our love for our beautiful beaches and strives to provide the highest-quality product aimed at getting kids active in the surf, having fun and bringing all your family and friends together.  

As a surfer and father of 2 boys I know how important family time is and growing up on the coast has meant we have made so many great memories at the beach. The beach always seems to bring the family together. Creating something that helps get the kids in the water and enjoying themselves has meant we now share even more fun-loving memories. So, when you’re heading to the beach or on your next coastal holiday, simply throw your light and durable Spindrift softboard into the car and enjoy all the fun Spindrift brings the family.

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