Top 5 south coast beaches you’ll want to visit this Spring/Summer!

Now that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, you should start getting your coastal bucket list ready. Our top 5 south coast beaches that are a must do now that the weather is warming up are Coledale, Wollongong, The Farm, Culburra and Bendalong.
These beaches are relatively quiet at times so let’s try keep them our little secret (shhhhh).
So, now that international travel is out of the question and borders are still closed, we now have the time to head to our own beautiful coastline and enjoy how lucky we are.
From Sydney the first little south coast spot we recommend is Coledale. This hidden gem, unlike most beaches is found at the foot of some staggering cliffs. Only just around the corner from the infamous Sea Cliff Bridge, Coledale is a little patrolled beach and that is perfect driving distance for a day at the beach.
Wollongong beach is the next closest from Sydney and if you are traveling from afar you have plenty of options to eat and stay. Within walking distance of the Wollongong city centre, this beach is a great place to bring the family and enjoy a day at the beach knowing you have plenty of options for food and fun if you need it.
The Farm at killalea is an incredible spot and the perfect spot for a beach day with the family. From the beautiful waters and sand to the grassy hills. Just pick your spot for the day, relax and enjoy some quality time with the family without the crowds.
Culburra beach is the perfect getaway for the family. With two beaches facing different directions, you will be sure to find the perfect spot to set up. If you don’t live close, this destination is more of a holiday beach as the drive from Sydney takes just under 3hrs. However, this cool little town has plenty of holiday houses and places to stay so definitely put it on the list. 
Bendalong is another gem that is slowly being discovered by the keen coastal adventurer. To the north you have washer-womans and to the south lies Inyadda beach. Both beaches like Culburra face different directions, which means you have even more change of scoring some waves and finding the perfect spot to spend the day at the beach. Bendalong is also around 3hrs drive from Sydney so we recommend finding somewhere to stay down there and enjoying the beach for more than just one day.
These 5 south coast beaches are a must on your Spring/Summer bucket list! So, gather the family, pack the car and go and enjoy what our beautiful Australian coastline has to offer.


- Sam English.